Sew a Crochet Hook Holder Using a Place Mat

I was finally ready to get organized to do some hooking….ummm, I mean crocheting. I picked up some new fancy yarns I had been coveting and decided I finally had time to experiment. With yarn in hand, I headed into my office to grab my hooks. I soon realized that was easier said than done. I was only able to immediately locate one hook and it wasn’t the one I needed. My organizational skills had become sorely lacking or non-existent in recent months. My office was a mess. It was very apparent my plan of action was about to take a different direction. The yarn had to wait.

I decided to start small by creating a crochet hook holder. I wanted a way to organize all my hook sizes and still be able to have a portable way to transport them when I am on the go. I love to sew, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on this project. I wanted it done so I could get on with my hooking.

Crafting with a place mat is a fun way to create a clever hook holder without spending a lot of time. A place mat already has finished edges, so it was just a matter of manipulating this item into something else. Discount and dollar stores have wonderful assortments to choose from and can even be picked up very inexpensively after a holiday or season has passed. This easy project was completed in less than an hour.

Supplies for Making a Place Mat Crochet Hook Holder:

  • Fabric place mat
  • Ruler
  • Iron
  • 1/4-inch wide ribbon, 24 inches
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Disappearing ink pen
  • Crochet hooks

Steps for Making a Place Mat Crochet Hook Holder:

  1. Lay your fabric place mat right side down on your ironing surface with the long edges running horizontally. Fold up one long edge 5 1/2 inches and press. This fold is facing right side up and is the inside major pocket for the crochet hook holder. The part of the place mat that is right side down on the table, is the outside of the holder.
  2. Cut a 24 inch piece of 1/4-inch wide ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half. Insert a 1/4 inch of the folded end between the layers of the holder on the left side, 5 inches above the fold of the place mat. Pin the 5 1/2 inch side edges of the pocket to the outside of the holder. Sew the pinned edges using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Back stitch at the top and bottom of the seam to assure the stitches will not come undone when using the holder. This will close the pocket ends and attach the ribbon.
  3. Measure across the top of the pocket, between the side seam stitches. Starting on the left side, make a mark with a disappearing ink pen, every inch. End with approximately 1 1/2 inches remaining. Repeat on the bottom fold of the pocket. Place the ruler from one top mark to it’s corresponding bottom mark and draw a line to attach. Repeat for all the marks. Place a straight pin through both layers of the place mat, between each drawn line.
  4. Topstitch on the lines from the bottom of the pocket to the top, back stitching at the beginning and the end. This will create the compartments for your crochet hooks. Place a crochet hook in one compartment and fold down the top long edge of the place mat to cover the hook. Mark the fold. Remove the hook and press the fold. Place a crochet hook in each compartment. Fold over the top and roll the holder from the right edge to the left. Separate the ribbon ends and tie around the roll to secure.